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 Bachelor of Medicine; Bachelor of Surgery, University of Khartoum



 Doctor of Medicine, University of Liverpool



Fellow Royal College of Physicians of London



Fellow Royal College of Physicians of Glasgow



Fellow American Society of Nephrology



Chairman Sudan Medical Care Foundation


Consultant Nephrologist


Clinical Senior Lecturer

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About Dr Ibrahim H Fahal

Dr Ibrahim H Fahal MB BS, MRCP (UK), MD, FRCP (London), FRCP (Glasgow), FASN (USA)

Dr Ibrahim Fahal MBBS (Khartoum) MRCP (UK) MD (Liverpool) FRCP (London) FRCP (Glasgow) FASN (USA) is a consultant nephrologist (kidney disease) offering private medical care in London and Brentwood. His NHS practice is based at Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Hospital where he has practised since 1997. He is also a clinical senior lecturer at Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London. He graduated from Khartoum University Medical School in 1981. After completing his general medical training, he became a member of the Royal College of Physicians (UK) in 1990. He then undertook training in general medicine and nephrology at the University of Liverpool (lecturer/senior registrar to the Professor of Medicine) and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital (SHO, registrar and senior registrar grades). He was appointed as a consultant in 1997.

Dr Fahal practice includes treating patients with all types of glomerulonephritis, those with blood and/or protein in urine, diabetic kidney disease, hypertension (high blood pressure), kidney stones, chronic kidney disease and its complications, with the aim of preventing or retarding the rate of progression of the disease.

Dr Fahal research interest is centred on the muscles of patients with chronic kidney disease and has recently coined the term uraemic sarcopenia and published in the medical press.

Dr Fahal has published articles, editorials, reviews in peer-reviewed journals and chapters in textbooks. He is manuscript reviewer for several medical journals and he is in the editorial board of three medical journals.

Dr Fahal is the founding chairman of the academic charity Sudan Medical Care Foundation.

Dr Fahal is fully registered with the GMC and has been on the Specialist Register since 1997.

Selected Publications

Fahal IH, et al. Phlebotomy for erythropoietin-associated malignant   hypertension. (letter) Lancet 1991; 337: 1227.

Fahal IH, Sallomi DS, Yaqoob M, Bell GM. Acute renal failure after ecstasy. Brit Med J 1992; 305: 29.

Yaqoob M, Ahmad R, McClelland P, Sallomi D.F, Fahal IH, Roberts N.B, Helliwell T. Resistance to recombinant human erythropoietin due to aluminium overload and its reversal by low dose desferrioxamine therapy. Postgrad Med J 1993; 69: 124-128.

Fahal IH, Ahmad R, Bell GM, Birchall JD, Robert NB. Profile of serum silicon in aluminium-overloaded patients on regular haemodialysis treatment. J of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 1993; 8: 911-913.

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Fahal IH.  Managing the heart in the failing kidney; challenges and opportunities. Sudan Heart Journal 2013; 1 (1); 12-18.  

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Fahal IH. Full Review. Uraemic sarcopenia: aetiology and consequences. Nephrology Dialysis and Transplant 2014; 29 (9): 1655-1665. doi: 10.1093/ndt/gft070.

Selected Presentations

Is silicon protective in aluminium overloaded patients on regular haemodialysis treatment. UK Renal Association. London, Autumn 1992

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Fatigue in dialysis patients: Is it central or peripheral. The XXXIInd Congress of the European Dialysis and Transplant – European Renal Association. Athens –Greece, June 1995.

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Quadriceps muscle function and electrophysiology in dialysis patients. The XIII International Congress of Nephrology. Madrid – Spain, July 1995.

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Muscle histology does not explain the weakness and fatigue in dialysis patients. European Renal Association. Amsterdam – The Netherlands, June 1996.

Low frequency fatigue: a tool for assessing nutrition in dialysis patients. The 9th International Congress on Nutrition and Metabolism in Renal Disease. Vienna August 29th-September 1st 1998.

Chronic Kidney Disease, the silent epidemic. The 19th Scientific Conference of the Sudan Association of Physicians, 24-26 February 2004, Khartoum, Sudan.

The way to Prevention. Arab Society of Nephrology. Amman, Jordan, February 2006

Addressing subspecialty access problems through training system reforms. The First Sudan Medical Specialization Board conference. Khartoum, November, 2006.

Diabetic nephropathy. The First Arab Nephro-Pathological conference. 11-15 January 2007, Aswan, Egypt.

Hyperlipidaemia and the Kidney. The African Association of Nephrology (AFRAN) 9th Congress & the Sudanese Society of Kidney Diseases and Transplantation (SSKDT) 2nd Congress. 2-5 February 2007, Khartoum, Sudan.

Uraemic myopathy; Putting it all together. Grand round, Queen’s University Hospital. 13 June 2008, Romford.

A systematic Diabetes Renal service is better for patients and clinicians. Havering PCT Forum, Palm Hotel. February 2009, Romford.

Controlling diabetes mellitus by targeting the kidney. The 22 Scientific Conference of the Sudan Association of Physicians, Khartoum 3-7 February 2010.

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